To showcase what OPTRON has to offer when candidate work here. How to apply for job, culture and other things.

At Optron, our mission is to empower growth.

We are more than a technology company. We are team of innovative, creative and passionate people who are working together towards common goals.

It’s Empowering Growth and becoming a growth partner.

We are one of the fastest growing technology and education company, we are constantly looking for passionate people to join our team.

Why Work at Optron

Engaging Culture

We have build culture that encourages you to engage with your team members and make new friends. We are not company, we are family.

Team Meetings

Regular team meetings to understand and review tasks, responsibilities and progress on assignments.

Open Feedback

We have open feedback culture. Share your ideas, comments and feedback about what you like, what you don’t like.

Regular Training & Classes

Regular training sessions, workshops and skills enhancement classes to upgrade knowledge, improve skills and develop healthy competition.

Freedom to work, believe in results

We don’t have boss. We encourage flexible working style with responsibilities and results.

New Opportunities

Optron offers you to grow your career by giving you more challenging assignments and opportunities. Ultimately it’s about growing together.

Our Culture

Over a decade ago, Optron was founded with a culture that encourages people to do what they love, learn, earn and grow together.At optron we strongly believe in transparency, trust, respect and knowledge.

Current Openings at Optron


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